Atlanta Mole Extermination

Atlanta pest control uses precise extermination methods to control mole hazards. Let us explore them…

Mole extermination

There are two types of extermination methods…


  • Physical methods like use of traps- various type of traps used are harpoon trap, pitfall trap, choker loop trap, and humane or pitfall trap and scissor trap. Harpoon trap consists of spikes to halt the walk of mole in his tracks. Scissor trap is shaped like a scissor with two blades that close down on mole and kills it instantly. The choker loop trap acts like a necklace and binds around the neck of the mole until it is dead. With the pitfall trap also known as humane trap, we create an underground hole and put a container inside to trap the mole. It is called so as you don’t kill a mole but just catch it and can release it into forest areas.
  • Chemical methods of mole control are poisons such as calcium carbide and strychnine, which is now banned in Britain and smoke bombs. Aluminum phosphide is also used which when inserted in the burrows of mole, gets converted to phosphine gas. These are marketed as Talunex tablets. Theses poisons can be sprayed over the mole tunnels but are not believed to be very effective.

Other Preventive measures

Some preventive measures include destroying grubs from your lawn as moles feed on them. Alternatively, you could make wire barriers so rat mole is not able to enter your garden or keep pets like chipmunks and dogs to scare moles away. Ultrasound devices can be used too as moles can’t tolerate high frequency sounds.